My Resume


Juris Doctor

Indiana University, Maurer School of Law (2008)

To the extent possible, I focused on Trial Advocacy and Intellectual Property, but I found Tax far more interesting than I expected I would.

I volunteered with the Protective Order Project, helping to do client intake and provide support to both the clients and attorneys working on their cases. I was as a member of IU's Trial Team and received brief-writing honors in the school's Moot Court Competition. I also served as an Admissions Fellow, helping prospective students and their families learn more about IU.

I've never taken a bar exam and am not licesned to practice in any jurisdiction.

B.S. in Computer Science

University of Alabama (2005)

In addition to occasionally doing coursework, I was an inaugural member of the Blount Undergraduate Initiative, an Ambassador of the College of Arts & Sciences, and an active member of the campus's largest community service organization.

I was elected to various leadership roles on the local, state, and international level. I went to every football game I could get my hands on tickets to. I completed hundreds upon hundreds of hours                of (voluntary) community service. It was a good time.

I'd be happy to discuss all of these things in excuciating detail, if you're interested in last decade's minutia.


University of Alabama
College of Arts and Sciences
B.S. in Computer Science, 2005

Indiana University -- Bloomington
Maurer School of Law
Juris Doctor, 2008



20+ years


10 years

Eng. Leadership

10 years


Languages: Ruby, PHP, Go, Java, Python, Javascript, Typescript, C#

Storage: MySQL, PostgreSQL, Memcache, Redis, Riak, Kafka, Mongo, SimpleDB, DynamoDB


Dogs, College Football, Ultimate Frisbee, Board and Video Games, Barbecue, Beer, Photography, Delicious Cocktails, and Cooking

Technical Skills

  • Writing clean, well-tested, and scalable code
  • Working closely with design, UX, QA, and marketing teams
  • Managing priorities and deadlines to deliver solutions on-time
  • Crafting well-written documentation for systems and processes
  • Designing and building systems to meet the needs of users with understandable and maintainable architecture

Leadership Skills

  • Working cross-functionally to achieve business objectives
  • Setting team direction and strategy
  • Recruting, hiring, and on-boarding talented developers
  • Developing managers and engineers of all levels
  • Assisting with callenging technical and architectural decisions
  • Developing and evaluating policy and processes to maximize the happiness of the team and velocity of product development

Work History

Director of Engineering
Atlanta, Georgia
March 2019 - Present
  • Led the Asset Tracking product group and the Fuel Services team. Responsible for management, strategic planning, project management, and partnership with our product team
  • Grew the Atlanta product development organization from 0 to 25 in around six months and ensured that all new hires ramped up successfully
  • Led teams in multiple product areas, quickly acclimatizing to an unfamiliar industry, programming language, and front-end framework
  • Worked with other engineering leaders to shape policy around hiring, promotion, evaluation, and culture
  • Implemented strategic changes to our engineering-wide hiring practices which increased our Atlanta phone screen pass rate from 10% to 60%
  • Served as a member of the company Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion committee and the executive sponsor for the Atlanta Women of Samsara Employee Resource Group
  • Led and sponsored the Samsara Engineering Interview Working Group
Sr. Engineering Manager
Atlanta, Georgia
July 2017 - Feb 2019
  • Developed the company’s engineering management practice and hired a team of managers to implement it
  • Oversaw the recruiting, interviewing, and hiring process, allowing us to nearly double our team in 18 months
  • Led a product development organization of around 40 people through 5 managers (the entire enginering org was fewer than 50 people)
  • Worked with product team leadership to improve product and engineering process to improve focus and throughput
  • Standardized and implemented new evaluation, title, and compensation programs for engineers
  • Ensured equitable pay within software engineering by moving to a fixed-point salary system and convinced hesitant executive leadership to increase engineering pay levels across the board to bring them closer to fair market pay
  • Sponsored CallRail's engineering apprenticeship program, guiding and coaching an early-career engineer in their leadership of the program
  • Protected the company from liability by helping executive leadership to see the discriminatory impact of some proposed policies and decisions
CB Insights
Lead Engineer
New York, New York
Dec 2016 - Jan 2017
  • Increased team velocity by 50% in six weeks by managing focus and helping the team adhere to agile principles
  • Oversaw a team of remote contractors on a mission-critical project; helped the team deliver their project within the expected time frame
  • Ramped quickly and was able to lead important technical decisions in my second week
Note: I left CB Insights after only six weeks due to a change in family circumstances
Lead Engineer / Eng. Manager
Atlanta, Georgia
June 2013 - July 2016

Software Development

  • Designed and built v3.0 of MailChimp's API to handle 10 million requests per day
  • Worked with the design, marketing, and partnerships teams to ensure a smooth launch
  • Worked closely with our mobile team to allow the Mailchimp mobile app to be a launch day app on the first Apple Watch
  • Inherited an API with a mass of unaddressed technical debt, bugs, and feature requests; prioritized work and communication to keep everyone happy
  • Evaluated, got buy-in for, and implemented an error monitoring tool that reduced in-bound emails by more than 10,000 emails per day per developer

Engineering Leadership

  • Became the company's first full-time Software Engineering Manager and designed that role to be effective within the organization
  • Designed and wrote the 2016 engineering hiring plan
  • Developed a Software Research and Development tracking program which saved the company tens of thousands of dollars in tax liability
  • Worked with other managers to create actionable and clear job descriptions and expectations for engineers
  • Organized those job descriptions to allow engineers and their managers to easily track performance and career growth
  • Improved the code review culture to increase participation and allow our less experienced team members to feel comfortable reviewing pull requests
Lead Engineer / Eng. Manager
Atlanta, Georgia
Feb 2012 - June 2013
  • Developed a program to handle in-bound requests to the dev team from internal teams (like Ad Operations and Developer Relations)
  • Built a team to handle those in-bound requests, allowing high-priority requests to be addressed quickly without derailing other priorities; the team's focus was addressing issues that were difficult or costly across the entire code base
  • Worked with internal stakeholders to assess priorities and communicate progress; helped reason for the work and the urgency of it
  • Found and fixed a previously undiscovered bug in our billing system which was costing the company $12,000 per month